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La Danseuse by Joan Miro


I had a very long dream while sleeping late this morning about Bob Dylan:

In my dream, every day for days, I would go see Bob Dylan at his beach house and spend hours hanging out with him. It was just him and me. He had hired me to help him produce his "Bob Dylan" calendars. My job was to write the numbers, the dates, by hand in the little squares for each of the days in all the months.

It was a very tedious and boring job and so I was behind schedule because I kept procrastinating the work. Bob Dylan said he didn't care, but I felt badly about it, and so before I left that particular day I told him, "I don't like the way I'm leaving things." Bob Dylan replied, "It's OK, tomorrow we'll both be different people." I said, "Yes, we're different people with each new day."

Then one day he showed me his new music video featuring a new song he had written and produced. In this video Bob Dylan was singing heavy metal style, nearly screaming, the verses alternating between Bob Dylan singing and a guest male rapper. The visuals of the video were scenes of suffering in the world. It was a tough song about how messed up the world is. The lyrics were in keeping with Bob Dylan's best writing. Bob Dylan wanted my opinion, so I gave it. I said it was a stunning change, but effective and moving. He seemed pleased.

It was then that I realized that the calendar project was just a way to check me out, to find out if I was someone whose opinion he could trust. I told him, "All you had to do was ask." He said, "I had to be sure." Then I said, "I will always tell you what I think; I will never tell you what I think you think you want to hear because I have no way of knowing what you think anyway." Bob Dylan looked simultaneously relieved and saddened by what I had said.

Then I told him, "You are no more unfathomable than anyone else because everyone, even those close to us, are unfathomable because no one can ever truly see into another person; there is always the vast unfathomable because we are all unique within ourselves." Then I woke up. More things happened in the dream, but those things are rather personal, but all of it decent, and the entire dream gave me a warm comforting feeling.


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